Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Specs Features and Price

The Apple Watch Series 7 Review

Apple Watch Series 7 is Apple’s newest smartwatch, and Apple fans are looking forward to it. It features a better display which makes the screen look brighter and sharper. The new Apple Watch also has a unique design that makes it look high-tech and stylish. In this article, Apple Watch Series 7 specs and features will be discussed so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

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Apple Watch Series 7 Specs Features and Price

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Display1.9 inches Retina LTPO OLED
Resolution: 484 x 396 pixels
Always-on displayYes
Weight32g(41mm) and 38.8(45mm)
OS WatchOS 8.0
ChipsetApple S7
Internal Storage32GB
FeaturesFDA Approved ECG
Heart Rate Monitoring
High and low heart rate alerts
Blood oxygen(SpO2)
Stress Monitoring
Waterproof up to 50 meters(5ATM)
Sleep Tracking
Sport tracking apps
Apple Pay
Supports Fitness+
Emergency SOS
SensorsHeart rate sensor
SpO2 Sensor
O2 sensors
Battery18 hours of battery life
Quick charging
Supports wireless charging
AvailabilityView at Amazon

Before we discuss the next generation apple watch, let us have a quick look at the significant changes that Apple brings to its new Apple watch models.

  1. The bezel of the watch decreased to increase the overall screen size.
  2. Larger display size than the Apple Watch Series 6(20% larger) and Apple Watch Series 3(50% larger)
  3. New watch faced exclusively for the Apple Watch Series 7
  4. Durable design
  5. Battery charges 33% faster than its predecessors
  6. New QWERTY keyboard
  7. It comes with an improved ability to track and monitor your electric bikes.
  • Most durable apple watch
  • It comes with a new look and a larger screen
  • Faster battery charging
  • The advanced health tracking feature
  • Smoother operation
  • Always on retina display
  • Not a major upgrade
  • Battery life is still 18 hours
  • No blood sugar or B.P. monitoring feature


There are significant design changes in Apple Watch Series 7 compared to its predecessors. The Apple Watch 7 is available in 41mm and 45mm versions. At the same time, the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch S.E. were only available in 40 and 44 mm sizes.

The watch is available in either stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium versions. And the available color variants are as follows.

  1. Red aluminum case
  2. Blue aluminum case
  3. Green aluminum case
  4. Mid-night aluminum case
  5. Starlight aluminum case
  6. Gold Stainless steel case
  7. Graphite stainless steel case
  8. Silver Stainless steel case


As mentioned earlier, the New Apple Watch Series 7 has a larger display. Apple Watch Series 7 features a bezel that is thinner to increase the size of the screen. The display is 20% larger than the Apple Watch Series 6 and 50% larger than the Apple Watch Series 3. This allows you to see more texts on the Apple Watch Series 7 screen.

Apple Watch Series 7, 6, and 3 Screen Comparison

Further, it comes with a protective screen layer that is 50% larger than that of the Apple Watch Series 6, making it more shock and crack-resistant.

The Apple Watch Series 7 has a display that is 70% brighter than its predecessor, the Apple watch series 6.

Apple has also designed some dedicated watch faces dedicated to the large Apple Watch Series 7 screen. It also has an innovative QWERTY keyboard that reminds you of the keyboards in the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Fitness and Health Monitoring Features

There are no significant changes in the health features in Apple Watch Series 7 from its predecessors. The health and fitness tracking features in Apple Watch Series 7 includes:

  1. FDA approved ECG
  2. Blood oxygen monitoring
  3. Irregular heart rate detection
  4. Sleep tracking
  5. Stress Monitoring
  6. Fall detection
  7. Built-in GPS

Its rivals, the Fitbit Sense and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Apple Watch Series 7 has an electrical heart rate sensor to monitor irregular heart rate monitor. But it does not have a blood pressure monitor, which is common to other high-end smartwatches like Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch 4.

The new Galaxy Watch 4 added a BIA Sensor for body composition monitoring. Similarly, Fitbit Sense and even the Fitbit Charge 5 come with an EDA Sensor(a new mindfulness app) for stress level monitoring. This gives a disadvantage to Apple’s latest smartwatch over other high-end smartwatches.

If you are looking for a GPS smartwatch that can monitor your cycling activities, Apple Watch Series 7 is the best choice! Apple Watch Series 7 monitors electric bike activities.

Apple has also introduced a feature for sports on Apple Watch with Apple Sports-specific fitness coaching called Apple Plus. It is dust and water-resistant up to 50 meters in-depth, making it suitable for swimming too!

Smart Features on Apple Watch Series 7

When it comes to smart features, there is no major update from Apple Watch Series 6/S.E. The smart features include smartphone notifications, emergency SOS, fall detection, on-screen map for navigation, etc. Apple

Apple Watch 7 has an inbuilt Apple Music app. It also comes with storage space to store music. It also supports many streaming apps such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer. If you are new to Apple Watches, we have a step-by-step guide on playing music on Apple Watch.

Battery Life

The Apple Watch battery life is one area that Apple has also improved. If you use the new Magnetic to USB-C charger with the package, the battery will charge 33% faster than its predecessors. Moreover, 8 minutes of charging gives you eight hours of sleep tracking on Apple Watch Series 7.

However, the battery lasts for only 18 hours on Apple Watch Series 7 like its predecessors such as Series 6 and S.E.

Price and Availability

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The Apple Watch costs between $400 and $800, depending on your select model and features. The cost of each material and feature is reflected in the price. For example, the stainless steel version and LTE models are more expensive, costing around $800.

Is it worth Buying Apple Watch Series 7?

From the above Apple Watch Series 7 review, you might have got an idea about the Apple Watch Series 7. Apple Watch Series 7 is a good smartwatch with an impressive list of features, but the health and fitness tracking features are somewhat similar to Apple Watch Series 6.

If you own Apple Watch Series 6, there’s hardly any reason to upgrade Apple Watch S7 unless you get a discount on the Apple watch 7. No surprise, Apple has already withdrawn the Apple Watch Series 6 from their official store, maybe because there is no good reason to upgrade to Apple Watch S7 if you own Apple Watch Series 6 or Series 5.

However, it is still available in many online stores such as Amazon and other third-party stores.

Apple Watch Series 7 alternatives

Of course, Apple Watch Series 6 is the best alternatives to the latest Apple Watch Series 7. You already know the reason! If you are an Android smartphone user, you have a couple of more options.

Our best recommendations for Apple Watch Series 7 are the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 3, and Fitbit Sense. These three smartwatches have more sensors than the Apple Watch S7, especially the B.P monitoring, body composition monitoring(available only in Galaxy Watch 4), and temperature monitoring in Fitbit Sense.

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The Fitbit Labs is working on blood pressure monitoring features, and rumors suggest that it will soon be available on Fitbit Sense and other upcoming Fitbit Smartwatches.

Final Words

Apple Watch Series 7 is the most rugged smartwatch ever built by Apple. They have redesigned the smartwatch so that Apple Watch Series 7 can resist water, dust, and accidental falls. However, there is no significant upgrade if we compare it with its predecessors.

The most awaited non-invasive blood sugar monitoring features are not available in Apple Watch Series 7. Further, the quick charging is good, but it does not give a valid reason to upgrade Apple Watch Series 7 if you already own Apple Watch Series 6 or 5 because the battery still lasts only 18 hours.

Now it is your decision whether to upgrade Apple Watch S7 or not. If you have already bought Apple Watch Series 7, please share your experience in the comment box below. Do not forget to mention whether Apple Watch Series 7 is worth buying or not.

Would you like to know more about Apple Smartwatch? Read our Apple watch section for more Apple smartwatch news and updates.

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