Amazfit GTR Smartwatch Review(47mm): An In-depth Review

The Amazfit smartwatch comes from the Huami brand, which is synonymous with the manufacture of high-quality wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness bands.

Amazfit GTR Smartwatch Review

Keeping track of your activities can motivate you in achieving your fitness goals. As an Amazfit GTR user, I’m impressed by its performance, particularly in tracking my activities. In this Amazfit GTR Smartwatch review, let us discuss some of the essential features and specs this fantastic watch.

With twelve activities to choose from, you can customize your options by tapping the watch.

Depending on your preferred activity, the GPS signal in the watch can keep track of all your outdoor activities. It then reveals important parameters such as calorie consumption, heart rate, and your average pace.

Here is my honest review of the Amazfit GTR 47mm watch in regards to the features and performance.

Amazfit GTR Smartwatch Review

Amazfit GTR Spec
Dimension47.2 x 47.2 x 10.75 mm
DisplayAMOLED Touchscreen
Screen ProtectorCorning Gorilla 3 tempered glass
 6-axis acceleration sensorYes
BioTrackerTM PPG biological tracking optical sensorYes
3-axis geomagnetic sensorYes
Ambient light sensorYes
Pressure SensorYes
Battery24 Days
Heart Rate MonitorYes
On-board Music StorageYes


The Amazfit GTR has a unique design that keeps it ahead of other models on the market.

Upper body

The upper body is finely polished with the ceramic top ring surrounding it. 


The highlight is the 22mm brown leather strap with silicone reinforcement at the base. Luckily the strap is replaceable using ordinary straps. I find this as a plus since I can always complement the strap with my sense of fashion.


As if to accentuate the appearance of the matte surface, the bezels have hyphens and reflective spots in an alternating pattern.


The exterior of the watch consists of a rounded lip made of ceramic. Whereas it’s embedded on the bezel, the finish is smooth and sleek.

Titanium, steel or aluminum options

Fortunately, Amazfit has different options for your selection, such as titanium or steel. The posterior comprises a polycarbonate band held together by four tiny screws on the dial’s inner side. 

The Amazfit has a double crown design with two flexible buttons on the right side. The main button is located in the upper area, and upon pressing, it displays the face.

The other button is located in the lower area and acts as a quick-start button for customizing different functions such as tracking, weather, heart rate, and more.

Although ceramic is the main material for the body, both polycarbonate and aluminum alloy make the 47mm Amazfit a lightweight watch. 

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With aluminum, the weight is significantly reduced to only 36 grams. However, titanium and stainless steel options are quite more massive at 40gms and 48gms, respectively.

On the flip side, the dimensions are different when it comes to the 42mm model, whose design comprises ceramic and metal. The weight is only 26gm, which is much lighter than the 47mm model.

Lightweight and ergonomic

However, the Amazfit 47mm is lighter and affordable when you compare to other similar smartwatches from different brands.

Also, it’s ergonomic, and it strikes a balance between Samsung’s Active2 and Mi Band 4. Therefore it feels almost weightless on your wrist, and hence you can wear it all day.

This watch works perfectly well even in bad weather, and although it doesn’t have an IP rating, it can track your swimming activity.


Round-AMOLED display

One outstanding feature of the Amazfit is the round-AMOLED display. It has won accolades due to its incredible properties such as small size, narrow profile, thin bezel, and high contrast with various viewing angles.

Sharp screen

The 1.39 inches display is incredibly sharp and easy to navigate thanks to the 454×454 sports resolution and a 326ppi.

Further, there’s a light sensor in the interior and alight control feature that changes the appearance depending on the ambiance.

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The icons are vivid and crisp clear. Indeed when you hold it near the eyes, you can notice the pixilation and the pointed text.

Dark background

The blend of the colors gives the dark background more comfortable viewing even at slight angles.

At the display is where you get important information such as time, step counts, and date. The AOD or Always-on display design makes it impossible to customize. However, you can choose either a digital or analog dial.

The responsive of UI is top-notch and makes it easier to navigate by just swiping on the screen.


The feature of the Amazon GTR 47mm guarantees a valuable user experience and justifies the price. Below here, I highlight the various features and the benefit to the users. Read on.

The user experience

The UI of the Amazfit models is well advanced, and the Amazfit GTR 47mm is by no means an exception. The user experience is awesome, and the interface is similar to the GTS and Verge Lite options.

  • When your watch is on standby, you can tap the display or push the home button to wake it up.
  • Navigating the screen is easy since you only need to swipe. Swiping to the right side will display the heart rate, daily step count, and other stats. If you continue swiping, the cycle is repetitive.
  • Also, swiping from the top side will reveal the quick access menu. The icons here send notifications such as low battery and phone connection.
  • On the lower end, you’ll find the date. The other area of the screen has toggles for brightness, flashlight, power saver, screen lock, and DND.
  • When you swipe upwards, the GTR menu appears with a variety of options, as highlighted below.

Sadly, some direct access functions are not customizable and which I find as a shortcoming.


The status features help you with keeping up with your daily fitness activities. Here, you’ll find a counter that displays daily steps, calories burnt, distance walked, and sedentary notifications.

The most remarkable feature is the bar graph that helps keep track of daily steps each week. The only downside is that the previous day’s data is accessible from the smartwatch app.


When starting a workout routine, you need to select your style on the menu. Unlike some smartwatches, the Amazfit GTR doesn’t allow for automatic tracking.

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However, there are several options on the menu for both outdoors and indoor workout activities such as running, treadmill, walking, and cycling.

Others include climbing, weight training, pool swimming, skiing, trail running, and more. This menu also shows the battery percentage and alerts you on the exact time the battery will last.

Heart rate

The heart rate option is useful in estimating your heart rate. The data is also available in the form of a graphical illustration. Here you’ll discover the lowest and highest heart rate during the day in different areas or zones.


The weather feature keeps you updated on the trends. For instance, the humidity, high or low temperature, direction, timings, and wind speed. You also get some insight into sunrise and sunset timings each day. You can also get the current weather forecast for one week.


At the activities menu, you’ll get data from your previous workouts. By simply tapping, you’ll get to view the date, time, and kind of each activity.

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Also, you can get the time taken for every activity and average heartbeat rate. Accordingly, there’s an insight into the heart rate zones and a graph revealing the heart rate variations per workout routine. You can delete any activity that you no longer need.

Tracks your sleep

Other than tracking your workout activities, the Amazfit GTR 47mm also tracks your sleeping patterns. It intelligently segments your sleep into different zones, such as deep/light sleep. Unfortunately, it may not track your daytime naps.


The music feature keeps you entertained during your workout session. You can connect to the phone and listen to the playback music. It is one of the best smartwatches with built-in music storage.

However, there is a limitation in that you may not store tracks in the Amazfit GTR, and you can’t access the playlist of tracks.


An alarm feature is an essential option since you can customize your alerts depending on your activities. Some alarms are active, whereas others are inactive. There are several options here, and you can choose to have repeat alarms depending on your preference.

Event reminder

You can set reminders on the companion app. At the event reminder option, you’ll get a list of all the reminders. Conversely, the option doesn’t allow you to add more reminders, but you can edit and delete the current ones.


The Amazfit enables you to select favorite apps that you’d want to receive notifications. Therefore you can control specific notifications under the notifications menu. Some users feel that lack of emojis is a major shortcoming on the notification menu.


The more is an extension of the menu and has a wide assortment of features like the compass. This also includes the timer, countdown, find mobile, and more.

Companion App

The Amazfit Companion App allows users to connect seamlessly to their smart devices such as smartphones.

I’m more impressed since it gives me a detailed account of my activities. Thus, I can go back to history and trackback my performance.


Settings are the last feature on the menu, and here you’ll find options that enable you to change the face, backlight time and assign a quick start role. 

Also, there are more options, such as rebooting, shutting down, watching the address, and other useful information.

The Pros and Cons of Amazfit GTR

Who is this product for?

  • First, the Amazfit GTR is for those who are on a fitness goal program and would like a smart device for activity tracking.
  • Due to its lightweight design and sleekness, it’s a better alternative to a smartphone. Since it can pair with your smart device, you can stay entertained during your workout sessions.
  • It’s a budget option that’s also great value. Therefore, it’s for those people looking for an affordable solution for their workout tracking.

Customer reviews

  • One customer reckons that the watch has amazing battery life. He loves the responsiveness of the interface and the impressive screen. Moreover, he notes that its lighter than other models he’s used before.
  • Another user highly recommends the Amazfit watch and notes that the release is timely. Although she doesn’t like the brown strap, she’s relieved that it’s changeable. She also likes the fact that it offers a high contrast when you’re viewing from different angles.
  • One user who is a first time user says initially he was apprehensive about its performance. However, he was amazed at how easy it was to set it up. He’s all praises on the tracking route feature and enjoys the fact that he can make short videos.
  • A royal client loves the design, the screen and the longer battery life. However, he has some reservations on the menu, which he feels it’s too simplistic. He adds that the options are limited and the AOU drains its battery pretty fast.
  • Another user has this to say. “Great. Must have!” He further notes that the watch is more than a fashion accessory and is happy with the performance.
  • Another client notes that some quick access options are not customizable and don’t support automatic workout tracking.


The Amazfit GTR is an excellent watch for tracking activities and has a long battery life. I highly recommend the Amazfit as a budget option for anyone looking for an affordable option that will integrate with your smart devices.

Amazfit GTR 47 Smartwatch Review (Video)


The Amazfit GTR 47mm feels like a traditional watch loaded with modern features. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the round-AMOLED display is one of its outstanding selling features.

It performs better when tracking the activities and gives accurate counts of your steps, calories, heart rate, and more. 

The lightweight makes it easy on your wrist, and the impressive design makes it a fashion accessory that will complement your style. Hopefully, this Amazfit GTR review helps you now own the Amazfit GTR 47mm and shop with confidence.

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