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Mission of DigitMize

As a responsible Tech Blogger, we have is committed to providing with most updated Tech and Android App related tips and Tricks. Here is the mission of DigitMize

“Provide Best Tech Tips and tricks to our readers”


What Is DigitMize?

DigitMize is an emerging tech blog started to share Tech related working Tips and Tricks.

Now let us look into the Past!

In 2014, one of my friends told me about Professional Blogging and its potential. I was heavily attracted by this and decided to start a blog. At that time I did not know much about Tech or Google Adsense.

But, I searched on the internet about how to start a blog and how to make money from this.

Finally, after a few months of research, I started a Blog on Blogger.com with a custom domain name. It was a video sharing Blog, and most of the traffic was from Facebook Group and Google Plus. To share my content, I joined a lot of groups and shared contents daily on multiple groups. At that time I was getting 2000 pageviews per day. But I understood that sharing YouTube videos on Facebook have no future as I need to share blog post daily on Facebook to get visitors.

So I decided to stop video Blogging and decided to start a proper blog. After one year, I learned more about organic traffic and decided to start a proper blog on WP. I started three blogs before starting LatestSets but failed.

But I was so crazy about Blogging and Google AdSense. I am a regular reader of Labnol, HellBound Bloggers, ShoutmeLoud, etc. and their Blogs and earning reports inspired me to start a blog for a living. During that time I spent a lot of time before my laptop. I was spending more than 15 hours before the Laptop.

The Man Behind LatestSets

Let me introduce me to you now. My name is Saneesh VS, and I am the only one working behind DigitMize.


Saneesh VS

Professionally I am a Registered Nurse with more than ten years of working experience at one of the top hospitals of India located in New Delhi.

I have seen people come to Hospital because of multiple health problems. Basically, most of these health issues are due to lack of physical activity.

Limited Physical Activities leads to overweight, and it can be a reason for multiple helth problems.

Activity tracker and Fitness app help you keep motivated to continue with your various physical activities.

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