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Who are we?  

DigitMize is a wearable technology blog established in India in March 2019. 

At DigitMize, you can find unbiased smartwatch and fitness tracker buying guides and reviews that help you choose the best wearable gadgets. 

Our wearable technology experts carefully reviews, examines and tests smartwatches and fitness trackers before we recommend it to our readers. We have already helped thousands of people to buy the best smartwatches and fitness trackers already. 

You can check our editorial policy of DigitMize for more information.

Saneesh VS, Founder of DigitMize.com

My name is Saneesh VS, a Nurse by profession and Tech Blogger by Passion. 

I fall in love with fitness trackers and smartwatches when I first purchased a fitness tracker back in 2017 as a wedding anniversary gift for my wife. I bought it for her as she was trying to lose her weight at that time. So it was one of the best Anniversary gifts that I can give her at that time. 

A few months later, I purchase a Fitbit Versa 2, and I really like it. I would say that it is the reason why I started this blog in March 2019.

My aim is to make DigitMize, your primary choice of selection when it comes to the selection of smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Sanil VS, Author

Sanil VS is a tech writer and editor at DigitMize.com. He is a Chemical Engineer by profession and loves to write about Gadgets in his free time. 

His excellent writing skills have helped many people to choose the right products based on their needs. 

Maygen, Contributor

Maygen is an expert content writer with exceptional knowledge of the smartwatch and fitness tracker market. 

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