8 Best Fitbit for Kids in 2022: Handpicked List

Best Fitbit for Kids

Smartwatches have put traditional watches to shame thanks to the plethora of features these tiny devices offer. These wearables are already a serious threat to most quartz and mechanical watchmakers out there. However, many parents are still not aware of the potential benefits of gifting their children a smartwatch. So this guide, we’ll look at … Read more

Apple Watch Series 7 vs Fitbit Sense: Which is the best and why? | DigitMize

Apple Watch Series 7 vs Fitbit Sense

Choosing between an iPhone or a Pixel device might be easy for most of us. But both Apple and Google have some products that truly make things challenging. The Apple Watch Series and Fitbit are two of the most popular smartwatches on the market. Even though the first one was built from scratch by Cupertino giant, the latter became part of … Read more

Which Fitbit has GPS that Work Without a Smartphone in 2022?

Which Fitbit has GPS

Smartwatches and activity trackers are considered game-changer by many. These devices make life a lot easier, thanks to the features and monitoring services they offer. California-based Fitbit is a company that produces some of the best smartwatches and activity trackers. As most of you’d know, Fitbit produces trackers and smartwatches with both built-in GPS and those that make use … Read more

How to fix Fitbit Screen Goes Off too Quickly?

Fitbit Luxe

Your Fitbit screen goes off too quickly. Then, please be assured that it is not a technical issue. You can fix this problem in less than a minute. By default, the screen timeout is too short on every Fitbit wearable. You can adjust the “screen timeout” at the settings. Before you go ahead, remember, if you increase … Read more

How To Sync Google Fit With Fitbit? Ultimate Guide

How To Sync Google Fit With Fitbit

“You can sync Google Fit with Fitbit with the help of FitToFit App. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface.“ Fitbit and Google Fit are two different fitness app that helps you in tracking your various activities such as steps, walking, cycling, etc. Well, is it possible to sync Google Fit with Fitbit? Yes, it is very … Read more